“Capillarotherapy” by Head Doctor of Chenot Palace Gabala Rauf Janibekov


Capillarotherapy today is considered to be the most efficient type of natural face and body care in the world, significantly extending youthfulness and turning back the clock. Face and body capillarotherapy slows down biological aging and starts the regeneration process of every cell in the body system. For example, skin aging is caused by the deceleration of its metabolism; 30% of all capillaries nourish the skin integument. With aging, most of the capillaries stop actively working, and their blood current slows down, thus disrupting skin nourishing, starting skin thinning and destruction of the elastic and collagen fiber, which all, in turn, lead to aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. With the help of capillarotherapy, capillaries and their trophic start to regenerate, while the exfoliation of the epidermal layer is 3-4 times faster. As a result — the aging process slows down naturally. Capillarotherapy is a special method of deep saturation of all of the capillary systems. 

Why Is Capillarotherapy Needed?
Capillaries represent the most important sector of the circulatory system because the capillaries are the place where the exchange between the blood and body tissues happens. The set of vessels from arterioles to venules is called the microcirculatory bloodstream. Over time, the number of actively working vessels decreases:
• the area of exchange surface of capillaries decreases
• the lack of oxygen in the tissue appears
• metabolic processes are disrupted
• the waste materials are not allocated by the cell in the proper volume
• free radicals begin to accumulate in the tissue

All of this can lead to different kinds of consequences:
In the immune system: from the common cold to violations of immunological supervision of atypical (cancer) cells
In the brain: from simple dizziness to the acute cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
In the cardiovascular system: from chest pain during physical exertion (angina) to a myocardial infarction
In the locomotor apparatus: from a slight disruption of joint mobility to the formation of arthrosis and osteochondrosis

The circulatory disruption in any body organ leads to ischemia, necrosis, and loss of function. The set of capillaries gradually slags, blood flow becomes less intense, and in specific places, stagnation is formed. Oxygen and nutrients are no longer supplied to the cells; toxins, slags, and carbon dioxide are not removed. That leads to cell death. Over the years, the body keeps forming pockets of accumulation of dead capillary cells, while at the same time the number of free radicals increases, damaging the capillary network even more. These changes show everywhere — in the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and organ tissues. This is the process meant by aging. When the changes involve the skin integument, the aging process becomes visible to the naked eye.

Maintaining sufficient blood supply to the body tissues even in the most remote corners of the body is essential for health, beauty, and general well-being. Capillarotherapy restores the regional blood circulation:
• Saturates body tissues with oxygen
• Delivers nutrients to cells
• Eliminates free radicals
• Accelerates the flow of lymph through the lymph capillaries, thereby helping to get rid of the cells, organs, and the whole body of metabolic products, i.e. toxins. This allows the body to cure itself of diseases and suspend the process of biological aging.

The answer is- Regeneration and Rejuvenation of Skin by:

• Peeling of the epidermis (the external layer of skin)
• Cellulite treatment
• Reduction of papillomas on the skin
• Skin renewal
• Pore cleansing

Activation Of Blood Circulation
• Activation of the microcirculatory bed
• Regeneration of capillaries
(During regeneration of the smallest vessels, the condition of large vessels improves.)
(The total length of all the vessels in the human body is more than 100,000 km. The capillaries of one person can go around the globe twice along the equator. There are 5 liters of blood in the human body, and it cannot be in all the vessels at all times; numerous vessels are not involved, which is why the regeneration of all vessels is extremely important.)

Microthrombosis And Capillary Blockage Are Removed
In the process of blood circulation, its red blood cells are arranged in a row inside a capillary, as their radius is smaller than the radius of the capillary. In order for the red blood cells to go through the capillaries, they need to fold — it provides elasticity to the capillary wall. By reducing the speed of capillary blood flow, the red blood cells might stick together and start forming microthrombuses, clogging the capillaries. At the same time, PH shifts towards acidity, and the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues decreases.

Changes In Blood Biochemistry, Blood Composition, And Blood Thinning
The capillarotherapy (saturation) activates somatids and their movement
(During the capillarotherapy procedures the blood becomes more fluid, its rheological properties get improved, nanocrystals begin to appear and their number gradually increases, and they become more active, which affects the activation of macrophages and the entirety of the immune system.)

Activation Of Lymph Flow. Liver Cleansing
Massage with balms is performed from the periphery to the center, on the current of the lymph. During the massage, the lymph and the liver are cleansed, and the toxins are withdrawn out through the skin. Mycotic blood condition is treated and removed.

Treatment Of Diseases Of The Entire Cardiovascular System
The procedure is perfect to treat atherosclerosis, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, diabetes, and disruptions of capillary circulation, as well as for the prevention of stroke, heart attack, and all diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive systems.

Anti-mycosis And Anti-cancer Effect
About 80 percent of cancer types are mycotic in nature. We offer capillarotherapy with special elixirs, which help to eliminate mycosis, and therefore prevent cancer.
Capillarotherapy removes the state of acidosis, of the whole body, and helps in the alcolization of the body. Excretion of lactic acid from the muscles, the softening of the ligaments. It is indicated for all diseases in which acidosis occurs: colds, bronchitis

Relaxation Of The Whole Body, Muscles, Ligaments

Throughout the skin we remove the toxins from the body, helping to rid of the liver toxins.

In Case Of Injury Or Pain
Capillarotherapy is indicated in all traumatic events, injuries, sprains, and muscle myositis.