Three of our hotels – Chinar Hotel&Spa, Gashalti Health Hotel and Garabag Hotel has its own Medical Centers and Treatment with Naftalan Oil.

Naftalan Therapy is primarily a treatment in the healing Naftalan baths.

The modern hotel Polyclinic is equipped with modern medical equipment, a diagnostic base, a laboratory that allows you to conduct a qualified examination and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Also our Qalaalti Hotel and Spa and Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort are distinguished spa and medical complexes, fully equipped with the latest technology, restaurants, pools, and everything needed for a comfortable stay.

In Qalaalti Sanatorium you may discover the world-unique Naftsu waters, linked to the oil deposits: low in minerals but high in organic compounds, their very complex structure provides plenty of therapeutic benefits. The various improving and all-strengthening programs on offer promote improvement of health and an increase of life expectancy.

There are 12 natural springs water at the territory of the Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort. All the sources have been investigated by the National Medical Research Center for Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of the Russia Federation. There are wide range of thermal healing procedures prescribed by the recommendation of qualified doctors.


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