PMD Hospitality Academy

PMD Hospitality proudly announces the establishment of PMD Hospitality Academy!
Exceptional guest experience is the number one priority in PMD Hospitality portfolio. While we are always looking to improve amenities and values for our guests, we commit to ensure they receive outstanding service on property.

PMD Hospitality is looking closer for supporting the expected growth to achieve tourism and hospitality sector competitiveness in Azerbaijan by recognizing the needs of the satisfactory human capital base that meets present and future market trends.

PMD Hospitality Academy is a key milestone demonstrating our promise to our guests and our talents.
Our academy pledges to provide increase access to education for all and to enrich professional competencies of its stakeholders by developing and providing hands-on learning programs using a full range of recognized, contemporary international educational materials and worldwide-acknowledged industry certification.

We truly believe that PMD Hospitality Academy will bring out a service-oriented mind from each talent and transform our properties to the next level of excellence.

The PMD Hospitality Academy resumes its activities in PMD Hospitality Group’s outstanding property, Badamdar Estates.

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